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Packing Up a Wine Collection and… Cash? - by Elton Potts

A customer with a beautiful collection unfortunately had a pipe break in the basement of their home and they needed to empty the wine cellar for the restoration process. After a call to a highly rated Napa Valley winery who recommended Vine Vault, we quickly came to their home in the Midwest to pack up their wine collection, transport it via refrigerated truck to our refrigerated storage facility, and hold it until the restoration was complete and we could deliver and unpack the wine safely back into their cellar.

Gonzalo, from our Atlanta team, was leading the pack up of the cellar. He is a great person and has been a part of the Vine Vault team almost from when we started the business. Honest, friendly, knowledgeable, and hard-working, Gonzalo often receives many compliments from our customers.

As the team was packing up the wine collection into Vine Vault’s very sturdy 12-bottle lay-flat cardboard wine boxes, Gonzalo picked up a magnum OWC – a wooden box designed to hold a magnum. When he held the box, the weight didn’t feel right. Gonzalo has picked up a lot of these, and it was too heavy to be empty, but too light to have a magnum inside of it. Gonzalo carefully opened the box to determine if there was an issue or if it needed to be packed up, and was shocked to find a stack of cash inside!

Gonzalo took the box to the owner of the home immediately and handed it to her. We were working with the wife of this terrific husband and wife duo, and it seems her husband had stashed some cash in the wine cellar but forgot to tell his wife where it was hidden. She had quite the pleasant surprise when Gonzalo gave her the box. My mom used to keep some cash in the freezer, but this was a first for us!

The training and experience that Gonzalo has gained over the years not only provided proper protection when moving this customer’s wine collection, but also delighted the customer and ensured their trust, especially with this unique situation. This is one of the reasons we have customers around the country who specifically request Gonzalo and other great team members like him to pick up and deliver wine for them.



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