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Thomas Arvid is an incredible painter of wine. In most of his pieces, you will notice at least one open bottle (usually more!) and two or more glasses. He fully believes in the social benefits of sharing a great bottle of wine or two. This flows over into how he lives his life as well. (Credit: Thomas Arvid 2008)

Vine Vault was created to address the frustrations that we have experienced as wine lovers and collectors. From running out to space in the home wine cellar, common carriers subjecting prized bottles to extreme temperatures and rough handling while in transit, packing up and moving the cellar when buying to a new house, and finding a bottle in the cellar that should have been enjoyed 10 years ago, we have first-hand knowledge of the challenges of wine collecting.

Our goal of solving these challenges has led to the creation of a team of wine collectors,
Sommeliers, logistics/storage professionals, and just nice hard-working people who have a
desire to delight wine lovers. We want to help wine enthusiasts focus of the enjoyment of that amazing bottle while we handle the complexities that come with the passion for a great bottle of wine.


   Who We Are   

If every detail and offering at Vine Vault seems like a wine connoisseur’s dream, it’s because it is.

Elton Potts, our founder and Managing Partner, is driven by a passion to create remarkable
wine experiences for our members and customers, whether it is storing, delivering, moving
wine, or joining us for an awesome tasting. His background running global storage and logistics
businesses combined with his love of wine and wine collecting, allows him to focus on both
creating and executing the experiences a wine enthusiast will love and appreciate. As an
example, some of our most epic wine tasting experiences have started with Elton envisioning
an evening of wine that would truly excite him and other wine lovers and turning it into reality.
You’ll recognize this shared passion in every Vine Vault team member, and in every detail of
your Vine Vault experience.


   About The Founder   

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Elton Potts


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We are blessed to work with wine and wine lovers every day. The Vine Vault team believes that much is expected of those to whom much is given. So much so, we donate at least 10% of the proceeds from all of our tasting events to local charities that seek to improve the lives of children, cancer victims, our veterans, and our senior citizens. When you raise a glass of wine with us, you are helping your local community. We encourage you to help these and other great charities.


   Giving Back   

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