Welcome to the World’s Most Sophisticated Facility for Wine Lovers.

Vine Vault breathes a new level of enjoyment and convenience into your collection while providing unprecedented levels of protection and service. From well-appointed tasting rooms and exclusive wine events, to a host of services that will delight the true oenophile, Vine Vault invites you to become a member and experience a new way of enjoying your collection to the very fullest.

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Thomas Arvid is an incredible painter of wine. In most of his pieces, you will notice at least one open bottle (usually more!) and two or more glasses. He fully believes in the social benefits of sharing a great bottle of wine or two. This flows over into how he lives his life as well. (Credit: Thomas Arvid 2008)


You’ll find that Vine Vault boasts an array of offerings; from wine appraisal and procuring select wines, to acquiring certificates of provenance.


  • Fixed amount of pristine secure storage
  • Member-only access ensures utmost privacy and control


  • Unlimited pristine secure storage
  • Full service wine collection handling


  • Vault-within-a-vault
  • Bank vault level security for your most precious bottles


  • Fully-appointed member lounges seating 6-30+
  • Bookable for private events with catering and other services available


  • Turnkey, white-glove handling of cellar relocations and wine shipments
  • Specially appointed, temperature controlled fleet of delivery vehicles


  • Appraisals
  • Boxes
  • Cellar Relocations
  • Certificates of Provenance
  • Insurance Program
  • Inventory Management
  • Packing
  • Pick-up and Delivery
  • Put-away and Retrieval
  • Receipt of Shipments
  • Winery Services


  • Many collections are under insured

    While we know that no dollar amount truly captures what that special bottle is worth to you, appraisals are necessary in order to ascertain the right amount of insurance coverage required for your wine collection.

    • 100% backed by Lloyds of London
    • Appraisal services to value those special bottles, or your entire collection
  • Vine Vault gives back

    We understand that wine collecting is a privilege, and that the ability to taste and appreciate wine is an extraordinary opportunity. It is our responsibility to also create other extraordinary opportunities for those who are less fortunate. Vine Vault supports ways to make a lasting, positive impact on the world around us.

    • Focused on aiding in the elimination of childhood hunger, and helping those who are hungry to rehabilitate and get back on their feet
    • Proud supporters of wonderful local charities doing this important work
  • We can handle your appraisals

    While we know that no dollar amount truly captures what that special bottle is worth to you, appraisals are necessary in order to assist with estate planning or ascertain the right amount of insurance coverage you require for your collection.

    • Information on how to protect your wine investment
    • Appraisals on a particular wine within your collection, or your entire collection
    • Tailored appraisal services for insurance or other customer specific requirements available
  • We’ve created a new box

    Wines age better when the cork stays wet. That’s why our innovative corrugate boxes are designed to house your wines lying flat, and protected for many years of pristine storage.

    • Boxes available for purchase Magnum and custom sizes
    • Handcrafted wooden 12-bottle lay-flat boxes with protective dividers available for rental, for Bordeaux or Burgundy style bottles in the classic, centuries-old storage method