Vine Vault offers world-class wine storage, beginning with the most ideal conditions for your wine. Multiple safeguards and redundancy systems ensure that the values for temperature, humidity and light are kept constant. We will store your wine in the most ideal bottle positioning to help it blossom to its fullest potential.

No detail is overlooked, beginning with our professionally engineered metal racking that is safe, secure and sturdier than the lockers you’ll find at other places offering wine storage. Simply put, you won’t find two-by-fours and plywood lockers at Vine Vault. Instead, you’ll find a place that surpasses not only the most impressive home cellars, but also other professional facilities.

Collector Storage

Our Collector storage option provides the utmost privacy and control for members who want to have private access to their vault.

You have the keys to your own locker. You decide if Vine Vault employees have access to your locker to put away new receipts. Members have the choice of personally moving their collections into their private vault, or having their boxes shipped to Vine Vault directly and then placing them in their private vault. Collector lockers are available in multiple sizes — or we can customize a room for your specific needs. Join Today.

Concierge Storage

Our Concierge storage option allows wine enthusiasts new ways to enjoy their collection by leaving the rest to us. For those ready for more opportunities to savor their collections, this is the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti of experiences.

Whether you send wine to us or we help you by picking it up, each bottle or sealed case (if you prefer) of your wine is personally inspected upon receipt, noting any issues with the labels, corks, or ullage. Wine is stored by the box with unlimited capacity within our pristine facility, and members who opt for Concierge storage will never run out of space. Join Today.

Treasury Storage

Take your wine collection and appreciation to an entirely new level by experiencing the personalized security and service of our Treasury storage.

Accessible only by Vine Vault employees, this “vault within a vault” is sealed behind a UL Class 125 (bank grade) vault door within our secure facility, and requires another level of biometric screening before access is permitted. This type of strongroom has a history of withstanding many natural disasters including hurricanes; and in the event of a fire, the vault walls have been tested to temperatures above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 5 hours. The vault’s unique structural steel design offers 3 times the strength of normal building construction.

Whether for just that single, exceptionally special bottle of wine, or for the most treasured boxes in your collection, securing your wine in our Treasury ensures that your irreplaceable collection is properly secured in the most protected environment possible. Join Today.