Shipping Services

We provide turnkey transport services, so you aren’t burdened with coordinating the shipment of your bottles. Vine Vault’s specially appointed fleet of delivery vehicles are always temperature controlled to 55ºF. We ensure that your wine is handled with the same care and attention as at our facility, so it always arrives in pristine condition.

Cellar Relocations

Whether you are relocating your wine cellar across town or across the country, Vine Vault can help. Unlike traditional shippers, our expert crew understands the delicate and unique needs of wine handling. We arrive in one of our refrigerated vans, inspect and document each case or bottle, and pack the wine in our specially designed lay flat boxes. You can store your wine temporarily at our secure facilities, or have Vine Vault deliver and unpack your collection at your new location.
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Pick Up and Delivery

Should you wish us to pick up or deliver your wine to your home, move some bottles across town to an event, or send bottles to friends, Vine Vault is at your service. We are happy to take on the entire process of moving your wine for you, from proper packing and boxing, through to transportation and delivery unpacking – offering you as much (or as little) assistance as you need.
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Specialty Vehicles

Once wine leaves its storage environment, it is crucial to ensure a consistently controlled temperature for the duration of its journey to retain its quality. Significant hazards for wine shipments are associated with elevated temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Vine Vault’s specially appointed fleet of climate controlled delivery vehicles gives us the ability to properly transport wine, even in the hottest or coldest times of the year.


Vine Vault ensures that our members are able to track their shipments that are in our care, and pride ourselves on delivering the most hassle-free, service-oriented wine shipping solution in the United States.

Winery DTC Shipments

For our winery clientele, ensure your customer receives their wine in the same excellent condition as when it left your winery. Vine Vault’s guaranteed climate controlled chain enables you to ship year-round without weather related concerns. Your wine receives the white-glove treatment, and travels in your primary packaging, saving you money while enhancing your brand.
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