Pick-up and Delivery

Because we focus on providing complete convenience to our members, Vine Vault is happy to pick up or deliver your wine to and from almost anywhere you’d like – a commercial address, a winery or wine store, or even a private yacht or plane. Vine Vault’s transportation services are one-stop, turnkey and cost-effective, eliminating the need to manage multiple movers and importantly, the worry of moving your wine properly.

You will certainly enjoy the convenience of having us pick up wine from your home, to create some space in your cellar; or having us deliver wine to your home when you’re ready to drink that special bottle with dear friends.

Once wine leaves its storage environment, it is crucial to ensure a consistently controlled temperature for the duration of its journey to retain its quality. Significant hazards for wine shipments are associated with elevated temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Our specially appointed delivery vehicles are always temperature controlled to approximately 55°F. This gives us the ability to properly transport your wine, even in the hottest or coldest times of the year.

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