As a fine wine collector, we understand the importance and how valuable your cellar is to you. Most collectors have spent years building up their cellar, collecting wines from all over the world including many sentimental wines and some representing experiences you have had during your life.

As an avid collector you never want to see this personal effort of developing your wine portfolio impacted by an event beyond your control. Vine Vault understands the time, effort and resources expended researching, procuring and accumulating your collection. This effort we assure you is matched by the security, quality of equipment and redundancy built into our facilities and our dedicated personnel’s time and effort spent protecting your wine.

But we also know that the majority of homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover nor specifically address most of the exposures related to wine collections, especially when it comes to:

  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Breakages
  • Mechanical breakdown and
  • Unforeseen events in shipping and transits

Vine Vault has partnered with a leading broker who can provide top tier all risks coverage underwritten 100% by Lloyds of London.

Regardless of the size of your collection, Vine Vault’s relationship with such a world-class specialty insurance provider means that we can help you secure the appropriate amount of coverage to protect your collection. Vine Vault can appraise and certify your wines value for the purpose of the policy. Insuring against loss with our partner’s programs is usually more cost effective than a rider on a homeowner’s policy, which just adds another smart reason to have a valuable Vine Vault membership.

Vine Vault can appraise and certify your wines value for the purpose of the policy.
To discuss your insurance needs including appraising your wine collection please contact us.

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