We help wine lovers enjoy their wine to the fullest, so we offer a variety of services that are designed to enhance our members’ wine experience, and diminish all of the logistical hassles. Collecting wine needn’t involve lifting heavy boxes, or coordinating shipments and inventory. Take advantage of the benefits that a Vine Vault membership gives you.

And if there’s something that you’d like us to help with but don’t see it here, just ask. Chances are, we can take care of it for you.


While no dollar amount truly captures what that special bottle is worth to you, appraisals are necessary for many reasons ranging from ascertaining the right amount of insurance coverage you require for your collection, estate planning, prenuptial agreements and more. Suddenly, appraisals are no longer a hassle. With a Vine Vault membership, you have a partner who can assist you with appraisal services and a complete report. Request Service

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Wines age better when the cork stays wet. That’s why our innovative corrugate boxes are designed to house your wines lying flat, and protected for many years of pristine storage. They are available for purchase in Magnum and custom sizes.

We also rent beautiful, 12-bottle wooden boxes that accommodate either Bordeaux or Burgundy style bottles in the classic, lay-flat, centuries-old storage method. Each handcrafted box comes with corrugate protective dividers specially designed to conform to the shape of your bottles in our wooden box. Request Service

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Cellar Relocations

Unlike traditional shippers, we understand the importance of moving and storing wine in ideal conditions so that your investment may beautifully age for your future enjoyment.

We will come to your location in one of our refrigerated vans. We will inspect each bottle or case, and pack the wine in our specially designed lay flat boxes, which will keep the corks wet. You can opt to have your collection temporarily stored at our secure, climate and humidity-controlled facility, or delivered and professionally unpacked into its new home. Request Service

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Certificates of Provenance

Vine Vault wants to make sure you enjoy your wine to the fullest, which includes helping you maximize the value of your wine. Should you elect to sell your wine, we can provide assistance with proper documentation that demonstrates how your wine has been stored at our facility. We can provide a certificate that demonstrates the actual temperature and humidity levels that your wines were stored in during their stay with us.

A certificate of provenance has become increasingly important as the fine wine market continues to mature. In recent ex-cellar chateau auctions, wines across all vintages have achieved prices as high as two times their market value, thanks in part to their impeccable provenance. Request Service

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As a fine wine collector, we understand the importance and how valuable your cellar is to you. Most collectors have spent years building up their cellar, collecting wines from all over the world including many sentimental wines and some representing experiences you have had during your life.

But we also know that the majority of homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover nor specifically address most of the exposures related to wine collections, especially when it comes to:

  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Breakages
  • Mechanical breakdown and
  • Unforeseen events in shipping and transits

Vine Vault has partnered with a leading broker who can provide top tier all risks coverage underwritten 100% by Lloyds of London.

Regardless of the size of your collection, Vine Vault’s relationship with such a world-class specialty insurance provider means that we can help you secure the appropriate amount of coverage to protect your collection. Vine Vault can appraise and certify your wines value for the purpose of the policy. Insuring against loss with our partner’s programs is usually more cost effective than a rider on a homeowner’s policy, which just adds another smart reason to have a valuable Vine Vault membership. Request Service

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Inventory Management

Part of appreciating your wine collection is having the ability to view and cultivate it. Members have the option to manage their Vine Vault inventory online themselves, or Vine Vault can do it for them.

You may from time to time want us to inventory the rest of your collection that you keep in your wine cellar at home or in other locations, whether just to have a full view of all of your collection, to put it all in one wine management system, or to have it appraised for insurance or estate planning purposes.

Heaven forbid you wait past a bottle’s peak or forget a bottle within your growing collection. Inventory management solves those unfortunate situations. That is just one of the details you can enjoy about a Vine Vault membership. Request Information

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We can provide custom packaging solutions and white-glove treatment for each bottle, so you aren’t burdened with packing and moving heavy boxes.

The proper packing of wine serves two purposes: its optimal storage positioning, and protection during transport. Vine Vault will professionally pack your wine in our boxes for you, at your location or ours. Request Service

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Pick-up and Delivery

Because we focus on providing complete convenience to our members, Vine Vault is happy to pick up or deliver your wine to and from almost anywhere you’d like – a commercial address, a winery or wine store, or even a private yacht or plane. Vine Vault’s transportation services are one-stop, turnkey and cost-effective, eliminating the need to manage multiple movers and importantly, the worry of moving your wine properly.

You will certainly enjoy the convenience of having us pick up wine from your home, to create some space in your cellar; or having us deliver wine to your home when you’re ready to drink that special bottle with dear friends.

Once wine leaves its storage environment, it is crucial to ensure a consistently controlled temperature for the duration of its journey to retain its quality. Significant hazards for wine shipments are associated with elevated temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Our specially appointed delivery vehicles are always temperature controlled to approximately 55°F. This gives us the ability to properly transport your wine, even in the hottest or coldest times of the year. Request Service

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Put-away and Retrieval

For the busy aficionado and collector, a Vine Vault membership is a dream come true. Vine Vault takes on the time and effort of putting away your bottles and cases, or retrieving them for you. And because we value your collection as much as you do, our experts will ensure that your wine is properly handled. Become a Member

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Receipt of Shipments

Save on the expense and hassle of having to be home to sign for wine shipments or having to handle and move those heavy boxes yourself. Simply have your winery mailing lists, wine clubs, importers, and retailers ship your purchases directly to Vine Vault. We are happy to receive them and sign for them on your behalf. Request Service

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Tasting Room

You’ve finally found that ideal place to treasure each glass. Our wine tasting rooms are sumptuous gathering places for our members, partners and their adult guests to enjoy their wines, network and share experiences.

We have comfortable lounge areas, dining rooms that can accommodate up to 50 wine lovers, and even private rooms to really connect with your client to seal that business deal over a glass of wine. Whether it’s an informal get together or a formal affair, create a lasting impression by hosting your next private event at one of our wine tasting rooms.

Each tasting room is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, Riedel stemware, and other conveniences to bring extra spirit to any event. Upon request, event staffing, catering and other services may be arranged. Request Service

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