We know wine stored under optimal conditions gets better with time, so we provide the best environment for your collection to reach its greatest potential. Every Vine Vault facility is meticulously architected and scientifically engineered to provide the most ideal conditions for wine storage, anywhere in the world.

The World’s Most Secure Facilities

In designing our facilities and fleet, we consulted with a globally recognized security expert with a Masters Degree in Security Engineering and over 35 years of experience to ensure the protection of our members’ assets. As a result, our facilities and transport vehicles are equipped with the most advanced, proven security features and processes with multiple redundancy systems. Typical access into a Vine Vault facility requires biometric entry and at least three levels of security, with all activity captured via CCTV.

For ultimate security, we created a Treasury storage option: a vault-within-a-vault strongroom designed to withstand even most natural disasters. It’s safe to say, this vault is the best available protection for our members’ most highly treasured bottles of wine.

Ultimate Protection

Protection is further built into the refrigeration system via a back-up generator and redundancy in the system design, so in the case of an outage, temperature and humidity are properly maintained, protecting your wine. Add advanced biometrics to the list of security features that you won’t find at other cellars that offer simple fingerprint access. Our state-of-the-art security systems are unsurpassed, except by the breadth and quality of the services we offer.

We also offer insurance options to further ensure that our customers’ collections are completely safeguarded.

Climate and Humidity Control

Our climate-controlled wine storage areas are kept at 55°F year-round with a humidity of 60% to 75%. Temperature and humidity are electronically monitored and managed, with alerts of any issues sent immediately to the facility General Manager for personal inspection. Plus, for your additional confidence, we keep a history of the temperature and humidity maintained at your Vine Vault location and can provide this to you in a certificate of provenance for your records.

Strategic Lighting

Bright lights and vibrations are potentially harmful to the process of wine maturity. Vine Vault’s floor designs and pathways were thoughtfully designed to circumvent any such issues, while light and movement sensors are strategically placed throughout every facility and since our low energy LED lights are time-activated only by motion detectors, our cellars approach the most limited amount of light possible.